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Australia: The Richest Country

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This year, Australia again topped a prominent world wealth report. The report indicated that the richest people in the world are in Australia. With a median wealth of $219,500 U.S. dollars per adult, Australia beat out Luxembourg for top honour by about $38,000 per adult. Australia also made the top four in equity, measured as the lowest difference between median wealth and dispersement. This proves that the wealth is evenly dispersed throughout the country. Interestingly enough, the United States, widely regarded as the epitome of wealth and luxury, did not make the top 25 in the list.

What is Investing?

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Investing is a great way to make a lot of money—if you know what you're doing. When you invest in something, you put out money with the expectation of making even more money. People can invest money in shares, property or commercial ventures. As an investor, you can hold a percentage of a company's stake. When the company makes money, you make a percentage of that money, too. You can essentially loan a company your money with the hopes that they will make a huge profit and pay you back ten-fold.

Begin Investing

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This site is dedicated to exposing the public to some of the world's best investors. But we can't all be ‘Andrew Forrests’. So what can you do today, as a regular Australian citizen, to invest in and make money? There are small ways that you can start investing today to grow your money exponentially. Start off by getting a 401K plan at work. Your company could match what you put in your account. Or get an IRA account (Individual Retirement Account). You could build your nest egg pretty quickly either way.